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  • Snobbery.

    05 March 2017

    The concept of snobbery is incredibly complex. Snobbery is a form of social superiority. Snobbery can be a moral failing. .Snobs may laud it over others, but we, in turn, despise and punish them for it. Snobbery often over petty social distinctions where...

  • Positive with those on Gab

    25 March 2020

    . Difficult times indeed but ....... It was lovely to receive this from Taylor Philips Who supplied to essential instruction of this time. Remember to wash your hands Wars indeed have been won by the soldiers that washed their hands So in this battle...

  • Farewell Dame Vera Lynn

    18 June 2020

    Farewell to the lady. A significant part of that web of Britain's past that haunts and claims us still. A voice that conjures up images of a time so often referenced as 'our finest hour'. The voice that really did comfort soldiers as they served in the...

  • Aachen

    07 August 2017

    The city of Aachen is historically extremely rich, but even though it is still trendy. This feel and mixture must be because of a large student population – students alone represent 20% of all the people living in Aachen. Aachen is a place that I would...

  • 12 words for Spring:: Printemps

    09 March 2017

    Winter is abating Spring is arriving Angels appear in the sky Snowdrops in white attire Here are twelve Spring words Bird oiseau Nest Nid Strawberry fraise Radish Un Radis Tree arbre Easter Pâques Eggs des œufs Rabbit Lapin ladybird coccinelle Butterfly...

  • The Devil

    17 May 2018

    The Devil The Devil is an important figure in Scotland, as a wealth of proverbs, placenames and nicknames go to show. Among the many picturesque placenames of Scotland the Devil finds his Elbow, his Staircase, two Cualdrons and even a Beeftub. He is known...

  • blockchain

    03 June 2018

    Blockchain is a shared immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions. . “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything...

  • Poland. The Judicial Reform

    03 July 2018

    Poland could be thrown into a full blown constitutional crisis today as a long-running standoff between the government and judiciary threatens to reach a dramatic climax. . Under laws introduced earlier this year by the Polish parliament, a mandatory...

  • Excess of testing Children

    07 July 2018

    ‘fetish’ for exams is unnecessary and could ruin children’s lives those in charge of education today seem to think the function of a book … is to provide exercises for grammar and it’s not, of course. The function of a book or a poem or a story is to...

  • Catch a fish and gut it

    25 March 2019

    A lovely day to go out and do some relaxing fishing. Surprised that many a child is strangely denied this. We used to do it on the river Leven from Loch Lomond Surprised that many a child cannot even gut a fish. . . Catch the fish, and kill it immediately...

  • Bagpipes - Scotland - Attorney General William Barr

    04 September 2020

    Attorney General William Barr showed off his hidden talent by crushing a rendition of "Scotland the Brave." Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: http://yo... Everyday is a gift Wonderful to listen to this rendition The same tune was played at my pier...

  • Published from Overblog

    09 July 2020

    Grażyna Bąkiewicz: Fabrykanci i miejskie legendy Łodzi Rozgodany familok - warsztaty literacko-typograficzne oparte na zabawie śląskimi słowami Historia psa Dżoka. Legenda miejska Krakowa

  • Puppetics

    05 February 2019

    Puppetics Puppetics @puppetics2018 Lyin' Brian and Lemonhead join Horizontal Harris and ABC for some F*ckface comedy. Follow us on social media! Please repost! https://gab.com/puppetics2018 Subscribe to our channel on YouTube & click the alert bell. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5rXPb6pwq1k0oKJCxNo7tg...

  • Skinny Malinky

    10 June 2018

    Orlaith having fun Skinny Malinky Long legs big banana feet,went to the pictures but couldn`t find a seat when the picture started Skinny Malinky farted ,Skinny Malinky long legs big banana feet. Funny rendition of a childrens song

  • Rabka Festival

    08 July 2020

    Rabka Festival To jedyny w Polsce festiwal literacki odbywający się w uzdrowisku przeznaczonym specjalnie dla dzieci. Przyjeżdżają tu na wypoczynek osoby z całej Polski, a więc jest to wspaniała okazja do wzajemnego poznania się i nawiązania przyjaźni....

  • The best of Belfast

    12 June 2018

    Belfast is a great place to visit wonderful to live there Checking out street art, eating at Northern Ireland's top restaurant, and learning the secrets of the Titanic. Welcome to Belfast! Here are some of the best things to do in Belfast, Northern Ireland....

  • Lockdown 'courgette omelettes'

    02 September 2020

    in lockdown I was told to me how to make 'courgette omelettes' down the phone. let's keep the proportions simple. For one person you need: half a courgette grated (just like cheese), but on the course grater. The whole half including skin, minus either...

  • textese

    12 January 2017

    Textese could be compared with the newspeak which was in the novel 1984 whereby as a way to limit thinking freely. Textese is a language that is written usually in curt text messages. ignoring the rules governing the accepted punctuation, spelling, style...

  • Tonttu is a difficult word from Finland to translate.

    29 January 2017

    Tonttu Tonttu is a difficult word to translate. Sometimes it is translated as elf, sometimes as gnome. There are several types of tonttu. There is navettatonttu that lives in the cowshed (navetta) and takes care of the cows. There is tallitonttu that...

  • Dinosaur day

    05 January 2017

    They were was a day when it was raining lots of pop corn. So all the dinosaurs got together and said it was quite terrible with all this popcorn We heard that the dinosaurs were not allowed into Noah's Ark even though they were getting soaking wt with...

  • Lovely porridge with Kiwi-Fruit

    08 February 2017

    A cold wintry day. Boiled a mug of water in a saucepan sprinkled in a few drops of vanilla essence and added a hand full of dry porridge,, stirred in with a wooden spoon and then dropped the heat so it just gently simmered stirred it for time to time...

  • The Normans 5

    05 April 2017

    The Norman Soldiers. Some of the Norman soldiers carried swords. Other Norman soldiers carried battle-axes. Some of the Norman knights had lances. The Saxons did not have decent archers. The Normans had a force of archers. The Norman knights charged the...

  • The Irish army called to battle rhododendrons

    20 May 2017

    The Irish army called in to do battle with rhododendrons The invasion of the aggressive plant overgrown rhododendrons in Killarney National Park. Few people can comprehend the damage that has been caused to our native flora and fauna by this exotic Victorian...

  • River of time

    25 May 2017

    The Big Bang The big bang had appeared in the time of the dinosaurs it had appeared with all the metorites you can find out about at the pages five and six. Could the Big Bang theory be wrong? A proposed new model of the universe argues yes—the universe...

  • Austerity

    08 April 2018

    Austerity is the transfer of public assets into the hands of private corporations for shareholder profit. ‘We are nowhere near out of austerity' For a more competent economic hierarchy, taxes proportionate to wealth / equity, not disproportionate to income....