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Published by jack elliot

A wee trip of Helensburgh to Glasgow



Train station at Helensburgh was not the start of the Journey


But here it is at the station of Helensburgh on this Saturday


Having bought the ticket it was time to embark the wagon


For a journey of less than an hour to our lovely Glasgow




Here is the train which will take me to Glasgow

If I wanted I go go even further to Edinburgh

But on this day it is just enough to be there

For Glasgow has a lot of attractions this day




Been to Glasgow and fun indeed it was.

So back to where the train journey was.

Nice for an Irn-Bru and an ice-cream.

Then a wait for the local bus to Coulport.


Time before the local bus will come

So a wee walk on the promenade





Looking out across the Clyde to see those large cruise ships

Those are filled with many American tourists land on Greenock

Helensburgh have an old-fashioned pier thank is unable today

So terrible that it cannot even provide a service to our wee ferry




So a little more time to walk through the Helensburgh Square


So a lovely day in Helensburgh 

time to relax and enjoy the day

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