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Published by jack elliot

Textese could  be compared with the newspeak which was in the novel 1984 whereby as a way to limit thinking freely.
Textese is a language that is written usually in curt text messages. ignoring  the rules governing the accepted punctuation, spelling, style and grammar.


Texttese is fluid.  A few days ago The Police in Northern Ireland  translated some Textese for the Parents of Teenagers.  The teenagers said that they were old fashioned and were not now in usage. Such is the speed of  this Textese which evolves quickly but likewise also is quickly discarded



The police in Northern Ireland created a textese  guide for as  to help parents in Northern Ireland try to understand   ever-evolving text  language that  teenagers  use  whilst texting on the phones or  online


writing a  short text on a phone  could break some linguistic rules,


but they  they should have to be understood.





If it becomes un-intelligible after breaking the  normal  grammar, style, punctuation and spelling  then it would be silly to pay for that sort of message


 The standard orthography  is now more commonly found with the larger messages that need more information



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