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Published by jack elliot

Farewell to the lady.

A significant part of that web of Britain's past that haunts and claims us still.
A voice that conjures up images of a time so often referenced as 'our finest hour'.

The voice that really did comfort soldiers as they served in the various theatres of an inhuman war.
The passing of Vera Lynn breaks a huge link with a past that some are reluctant to let go.


A great lady who went to entertain the troops.

Dame Vera went to Burma and up country

she didn't just stay in the city.

It is really sad

that she didn't end up in the House of Lords for all she did.

Think of those who have been given greater honours and the governments should hang their heads in shame that she didn't become a Baroness This lady deserves a state funeral.



The right singer with the right song at the right time.

She lived a well lived life as well and what more could anyone ask for?




My favourite song of hers is the White cliffs of Dover


I often sing it to myself whilst working in the kitchen




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