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Published by jack elliot


"Charity is a cold, grey, loveless thing’,

said Clem Attlee (1920)

when he exhorted the wealthy to pay their taxes

in full measure to help those poorer than themselves.


A hundred years on & the need is no less pressing.

All those £trillions salted away

off-shore doing nobody any good.


What would it take for these people to share?


The second coming?





An enormous amount of local national and global problems

could be cured by progressive taxation and wealth redistribution.

 Money is the root of all evil, perhaps,

but those who hoard obscene,

greed-induced, unfair, poverty inducing amounts

make it all far worse.

Tax the super rich to the hilt.

"Trickle down" was a con,

we should tax them until the pips squeak.

The trouble is our political class

are all at it for their own end

and don't give two hoots for the plebs,

witness Tony Blairs property empire of over £30m,

he began buying when he came to power


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