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Published by jack elliot

More than half of all American adults

have had their likeness

cataloged in databases

used for facial recognition matching,

 and a quarter of law enforcement agencies

across the country have access to those databases.


Mass surveillance has only gotten

more pervasive since then,

facial recognition technology

have only became more common, 

 advancements have made it even easier

for law enforcement agencies or companies

to collect real-time data on crowds of people

without their knowledge.


It is going to become more widespread and more advanced, especially in the absence of common sense legislation governing how it can and more importantly – how it can’t – be used,

A company such as Walmart, or Saks Fifth Avenue,

or a venue or a law enforcement agency

can adopt this technology

and provide no notice to the public.

If every shopping mall, and baseball game,

and convenient store is tracking every move,

knows who you are,

and recording what you are doing and buying

and that’s all being sent to some corporate repository, that could still have serious consequences

and change what it feels like to live in America

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