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Since I have limited sun exposure in my garden, I tried something new this year by moving the tomatoes closer together and arranged them in a checkerboard pattern. This gives an empty spot in-between the plants to help with growing room and air circulation...

Each every day is lovely but today is a lovely day Summer blossoms always gives us joy .

Walking is highly therapeutic, it has helped me in a moderate depression. Also, taking different routes makes me observe my surroundings. I see details I never noticed before. My mind associates freely and I get to distance myself from difficult things....

A Stork on the roof Perhaps delivering A Baby or a letter Great to received . .

Almost 20 years ago, the government included in a list of 81 proposed SSSIs, 4 peat bogs, which meant that they could no longer be dug .....people were up in arms.. .it would mean the loss of hundreds of jobs and a reduction in the availability of peat...

Oh it is so nice to be beside the seaside sandcastles to build ice-creams to eat waves to crash into Summer games to play Books to read in shade Laughter is all around

In A lovely day of Sunshine spending time in a paddow chirruping insects around Lavender aroma is biting .

Beyond the Summer's sunshine above the butterfly meadow stands the rural church spire In distance we hear the peal .

Summer time and with a grand heat wave Perfect to put the roof on the church Unusually to see a church being built from scratch Becoming to see a roof slowly emerging each day ,

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