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Published by jack elliot

Since I have limited sun exposure in my garden, I tried something new this year by moving the tomatoes closer together and arranged them in a checkerboard pattern. This gives an empty spot in-between the plants to help with growing room and air circulation as well as room to manage the plants and pick them.

I also tossed Tomatillos in between some of the south-facing tomatoes. They are all growing huge and fantastic. Last year I planted the Tomatillos by themselves. The plants were big, but took forever to produce anything. And by the time they did, the season was over. We also had a very bad fire season, so I think the smoke had a lot to do with it.
This year I already have fruit on and the Tomatillos and have never been healthier! I have both the regular green and purple types.

I also moved my cucumbers, radishes and lettuce to some raised beds and 5-gallon buckets to one side of my driveway that gets sun pretty much all day. They too are growing fantastic. The tricky part is tying them up so they grow vertically. Next year I'm going to get concrete wire or fencing so I can train them upwards without having to tie them as much. I have a long driveway, so I may use even more buckets and beds next year.

I use drip-watering, so plumbing each plant is simple and with digital timers, it's all automated watering so I don't have to drag hoses around. And weeds? What weeds?


. Drip watering is the best!

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