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Published by jack elliot


 Rewind a decade or two, and imagine that you have been approached with the following offer . . .


“ We’ll provide you with a reassuringly shiny hi-tech device (which you’ll have to pay for) THAT WILL :

● listen to, analyse and record all your conversations,

● recognize your voice for inclusion in a Big Database,

● track where you are to within 30cm,

● store and analyse all your photos,

● recognize your face for inclusion in a Big Database,

● map all your connections to your friends, family and work,

● monitor your habits,

● log all your internet use,

● track your finances,

● sell all your details to any organisation with sufficient cash,

● give away all your details to Govt. agencies. IN RETURN, you’ll be able to get free phone calls, make videos, and play games with coloured lozenges you can drag around a screen.”

Would you take them up on it?

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