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Published by jack elliot

a successful economy

should no longer be measured by growth

which is ultimately unsustainable and dreadful for the planet.

It should be measured by its ability to provide a basic living wage and some sense of parity of reward for hard work.

Not unbridled growth leading to huge disparities of wealth (larger than ever before) and a lack of decent basic services such as healthcare education, policing, etc.

Coupled with unpunished risk taking (see bank bail outs and huge industry propping following enormous incompetence).

Why "growth" continues to be the go to measure,

I have no idea.

The speculators who caused the global crash are the same who have profited from it at the expense of most of us, and the poorest disproportionately. Crispin Odey and the likes, who are now apparently shorting the pound and profiteering from the Brexit fiasco. What a shame this was not discussed during the election campaign more. Labour have sadly failed spectacularly in that regard and instead populist slogans offering simple solutions and blaming to complex issues are winning the day as a result



The correct policy for genuine free marketeers is to have allowed all involved banks to fail.




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