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Published by jack elliot

In our class-damaged society

it somehow seems acceptable to describe certain behaviours amongst the upper classes as "eccentric".


If we were discussing working class people

this would be far less likely to be the case.


other adjectives would be more likely

to be used....

dysfunctional, abusive, feckless, incapable, cruel, negligent, for example.


The perpetuation of this class-ridden perspective

does no one any favours,

masking as it does the trauma -

and the causes of the trauma -

that lies at the root of these behaviours.

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Hello Jack,<br /> That's funny....I say call a spade a spade. Matters not what class someone is. If they are dysfunctional in any way don't give them an out!!!!<br /> Enjoy your evening.
Likewise<br /> <br /> I share that attitude<br /> <br /> all the best<br /> <br /> <br /> Jack<br /> .