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Published by jack elliot


London is the global centre for oligarchs, kleptocrats, financial opportunists, tax avoiders,

'dark money' specialists,

who all utilise the City of London

as their money laundering centre.


Had it not been for this,

we would not see the distinct division between the capital and the rest of the country, or the rest of Britain.


The whole enterprise of creating inward looking national identities world-wide is very much a part of the divide and rule strategy of the kings of super-corporations, who hold the real power across the globe.


The USA's IRS has arrangements by which their citizens, who store their wealth off shore, are investigated and brought to the tax system.


We sit and stare at £190 billion de-frauded from the exchequer every year, while the government do nothing to address it.

Dividing the UK into its tribal elements will have the carpetbaggers rubbing their hands in glee.

More division to add to the arbitrary liberal creation of minorities all contributes to Joe Public having less and less ground upon which to mobilise for any kind of critique or action against the self-seeking opportunists who have been complicit in running 'moneyland' since the 80's.


Nationalism is just another scam in the box of tricks used by the global elite to maintain their pent house suite position at the top of the pyramid they've been building since the 80's.


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