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Published by jack elliot


Hedgehogs in the Summer



Hedgehogs, slugs and  moths are all night-feeding creatures.


A car has been stopped and the headlights illuminate the side of the road, showing the woodland margin and penetrating into the depths of the woods beyond.

The hedgehog has 'frozen'  in sudden alarm.


It is on its slightly rounds looking for slugs and insects and indeed any small creature that ts sensitive nose can smell out its little sharp teeth can crunch up.


In a moment the hedgehog will gather up courage and ptoceed on its way, and then no doubt  it will gobble up the two slugs.



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JoLynne 07/27/2017 15:41

Aren't hedgehogs just the cutest? I know they're wild animals, but I love their dear little faces. Just looking for an excuse to say hi to you Jack.

jack elliot 07/27/2017 18:17

yes it is my favourite word in Hungarian