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Published by jack elliot

Getting eggs right can be surprisingly tricky.

I believe the great French restaurateur Fernand Point

used to judge the skills of potential apprentices

by asking them to fry him an egg.



This wa some great advice that we got today from USAFunnyFarmer@CharlieWhiskey



Good morning, Jack.

The perfect egg is all about temperature, temperature, temperature and timing.

And of course it does not hurt

if you use properly handled eggs.

I prefer mind no less than 7 days old and unrefrigerated.

Same day eggs, in my opinion,

are good for everything except frying.

They are way too soft and tend to be extra runny.

I raise birds, so I have had plenty of time to become familiar with the way our great grandmothers handled eggs on the farm. Few people have ever taken the time to research this. But if we do not refrigerate our eggs, they are still alive and viable 30 days after being laid. They can still be incubated and hatched with about a 50% success rate. Up to 21 days, you will have only a 10% dud rate on average.
The shell of the egg continues to breathe and respirate both gases and water. So in time, the egg begins to lose moisture and firm up.

I have become our resident egg cooking eggspert. I am the egg man.👨‍🌾

Have a blessed day.

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