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As a result of largely Victorian philanthropy,

most urban settlements have fairly extensive parks that harbour a surprising array of wildlife!

A safari round the mature trees and shrubs will reveal a large number of (admittedly) small beasts, which with a magnifying glass and a modern phone could help generate a new wave of environmental awareness.

An appreciation of ecology on a small scale could help to educate on its importance at a larger scale!





There used to be loads of wild life in the city centres, until covid shut all the pubs ...



Technologically simulated nature may be a useful and even necessary tool to provide urban inhabitants with the psychological wellbeing they otherwise might not be able to access.

t there be a greater focus on improving green spaces in cities, cutting traffic and creating wildlife corridors instead, especially if urban populations are projected to grow in future.

Real nature rather than simulated?


A focus on VR kind of reminds me of that awful scene in Soylent Green where the only nature that humans in New York get to see is on a screen at the euthanasia clinic.

And the only tree left standing is under a tent

accessible to rich elites.







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