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Published by jack elliot

Cats are great because they acknowledge you even when you're in your own funk and bring you back to reality.

Human people'll happily be oblivious to you whilst you're in your own little Don Quixote fantasy, but a cat will see through that bullshit and break your force field and to be perceived is be, so all the non-eye contact and human interaction we we jettison is transferred to felines.

Where possible I try to sleep as much during the day, but I like being out between 1-5am most nights and the cats you encounter at this time of night have a different demeanour, and I'm sensing that during the day there's too much human energy, but during the witching hour both cats and myself feel more at ease.

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Hello Jack,<br /> Sure my two cats knew my moods and would take care of me in a sweet loving way.. Kitty kisses and the loud purr....who could stay in a funk for long!<br /> Trish
I agree<br /> <br /> cats are lovely<br /> <br /> .