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Published by jack elliot

Cat thefts


Round our way there have been several instances recently

of cats mysteriously vanishing,

sparking disputes and recriminations between neighbours.


police now have reason to believe

that the pets are being spirited away

concealed in a baby buggy,

and suspect that the culprit is a criminal child carer.


Responding to a local news reporter,

a spokesman today assured the local community

that an urgent investigation continues;

he said that officers are searching every crook and nanny.


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Hello Jack,<br /> Funny one today! I did enjoy it. Thanks for posting. And that adorable Kitten in the photo is precious! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening.<br /> Trish
you are welcome<br /> <br /> I am glad that you enjoyed it<br /> <br /> all the best<br /> <br /> Jack