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Is not only one of the seven colours of the rainbow and the dye that makes your jeans look like they do but and a highly valued pigment which is naturally found in some plants and whose use can be traced back at least six thousand years to Peru.

Such was the desirability of indigo

that along with sugar, cotton, coffee and tobacco

it became a major driver for globalised trade and the horrors of slavery. In India it was the source of so much exploitation that a lawyer called Gandhi rose to fame standing up for indigo farmers.

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Hello Jack,<br /> Indigo and rice was grown on the plantation where I live. The plantation is long gone, but the cemetary is still in the center with old almost hard to read head stones. Some of the descendant of the slaves that worked the plantation are still being buried here. I have seen a few pictures and would love to find more. Indigo is such a beautiful color. Thanks for posting.<br /> Trish