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Many countries in Europe have a wolf and even a bear population.

You can see this in Italy, Jugoslavia,the Czech Republic, Slovakia and also Poland amongst many other European countries.

There are no major issues with livestock as they were always kept safe by having shepherds and dogs watch over them.

Some herds are even corralled at night.


 This has been witnessed  succesfully 

in the French Alps, where in Italy,  corrals are subsidised by the ministry of agriculture

to make it affordable for shepherds/farmers


 In Italy, livestock is often protected by packs of farm dogs  and shepherds.


In very rare instances they have had to shoot solitary wolves (young looking for a new pack or old male kicked out of his pack)


One major issue that came up in the last decades

and is to blame for most attacks,

are packs of feral dogs,

dogs who have been dumped on the side of the road because they weren't wanted anymore,

They have  had a  number of sightings  over the last few years, but on no real incident whatsoever,

but imported racoons (not native)

are destroying the bird population 


This was by Dave @Llenleawg





This is quite accurate . not totally but gives some good info. 
I live in Varmland which is where the majority of wolves live and I know for a fact poachers are totally out of control and the most dangerous to wolves and activists.These are the people I am not popular with, in my area they know about me which makes my life difficult because nearly everyone here is against wolves and I think this has played a part of my difficulty to establish my own buisness. Anyhow this is my problem and this post is not about me, I am only trying to make people understand how much wolves are HATED. 
I have met a large male wolf face to face whilst out with my dog (a boxweiller) , he was walking towards us and didn't notice us because he was too busy sniffing the ground and the wind direction was blowing the wrong way, my dog (TY is his name) was in front of me about 20m and stopped he had seen it first I was distracted and looking in another direction, his stopping brought my attention back to him and as I looked in front this is when I saw our wolf, I say our wolf because of the feeling I got from our encounter I cannot describe in words, it was like I felt bonded to him at first glance, he was about 60m away from me 40m from TY who then growled and went into attack mode, the wolf looked up straight at us and stood about 2 seconds staring at us, TY spring forward I called him to stop and the wolf dissapeared into the trees as fast as he could go. 
This was our first encounter with such a beautiful creature but not our last. 
This happened early June around midnight about 1km from my cabin. 


Here's the second part of my story which is true. 
After our wolf had fled I was still in awe and decided to try and find out where it had come from it was very late at night but here in Sweden in June you don't get real darkness so by using TY's sense of smell I encouraged him to follow the trail. We walked for about 3km through trees and exited the other side facinng up towards the top of the mountain (mountains here are quite accesible, no steep cliffs to climb just large rocks mostly dropped here after the ice age) we started upwards and had gone less than 100m when TY stopped and I follwed where he was attentivley looking, I told him to stay thinking it was probably roe deer or elk, we stood still, silent when I caught a glimpse of 2 young wolf pups who were about 150m away further up from us, they were training together like dogs do (most people think dogs play, they don't they are actually training to fight) I don't know how long we were there I eventually sat down with TY next to me trembling with excitement. I knew then we had found their den which was only about 1.5km from my cabin. I decided to go home and get some sleep, it was early hours of the morning and I still hadn't seen the mother. I checked out the terrain and knew where I was going to come back to later that day and would equip myself with binoculars because I had a perfect spot where I could see more clearly the area we were watching but it was a little further away than where I was now. 
Much earlier the next evening we came back and sat on a fallen tree which was higher up than the place I had been the night before and I sat for about 3h before I saw the 2 pups again and the exact place from where they had emerged, and as the night before they were back to chasing each other biting and rolling on the ground, I could also hear them and after about half an hour I saw the mother who came out and they all disappeared behind large rocks. 
This was when I decided that I could not help every wolf in Sweden but I was going to protect them, at least from humans. 
My story continues still . Our first encounter with the male happened in 2015 and this will be my 4th year.. 
I will continue tommorow to give you an update of the last 4y.

This is by Harvey Wallbanger @TY_AnonK9

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