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Published by jack elliot

A potato piece.


Being poor can result in some good food.


Food good enough for a King and a pauper.


Started with just six potatoes and a peeler.


We stood at the kitchen sink and peel.


Peel the Six potatoes.


They were not so big 




they were not so small


Fresh earth still on them.


They had just been dug out.


Fresh new potatoes




Once peeled gave them a quick rinse.


Discarded the peels into a bowl


To go into the garden compost


The potatoes were squared


and put into hot water.


not being whole meant quick to boil


And sure enough so the heat was off


and let the potatoes sit in hot water


all the better for them later


That later was half an hour later.





So I scooped out four  squares onto a bowl.


Four squares so that made a potato.


A lovely steaming potato.


I took a fork and smashed it gently.


Then I added a knob of butter.


Forking the butter into the potato.


Then I added some cottage cheese


Again melting it in with the fork.


The delicious taste hit my nose


Hunger that past from stomach to brain





Quickly grabbed for two white slices of bread


Now was the time to make a Potato piece


So with the piece being buttered all was good


A large spoon then dolloped the buttered potato


Dripped with butter the piece was ready to be eaten


Indeed good enough for a King


Indeed good enough for a Jack

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