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Published by jack elliot


 A few things that have helped to improve my sleep:
1. firm, longer couch - my bed does not work for me - I sleep better in a smaller space because I have no wear to toss and turn. It also helps me to position my foot.
2. socks - I can't sleep without socks
3. laughing and thinking positively- when I watch something funny before sleeping or see something that makes me happy, I don't think of the days woes and fall asleep.
4. waking up late - I am a night owl - I have tried to force myself to wake up early for work, but cannot. I am far more productive when I start later and end later.
5. heating pad - I have suffered from foot injuries for years to the point that I could not sleep due to pain. I started using a heating pad and it was so comfortable that it helped me fall asleep much better.
6. eating earlier - I have a hard time digesting - I can't sleep when I am bloated. Eating earlier and lighter meals helps.
7. Living close to work - if you can, this is a game changer. Commuting is frustrating and exhausting. I now live 5-10 mins away from work and do not have a harrowing commute. I come home feeling relaxed which helps with my over all mood.
8. neck pillow - i suffered from head pains, TMJ and headaches for years - I had a good pillow, but the one thing that helped the most was a travel neck pillow. It stabilized my side and I hardly have TMJ type pain anymore.

I still get up feeling tired and it takes me a good hour to shake out of my fog.

This is why I use snooze because eventually it does help me get up.

I immediately shower and I am generally less groggy after that.

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