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Published by jack elliot

Cauliflower leaves



So many people just throw them away


however they are very Tasty


Caulifower leaves roasted are just lovely




To prepare the leaves, trim off the woody ends of the stem, give the leaves a quick wash, and then throw them in a bowl or plastic bag with some oil and spices.

I can’t say enough about dill and garlic powder.

Then, for the transformation, place the oiled leaves in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast in a 400°F oven until they darken and get crispy, about 15 minutes.

Or, if you already heated up the BBQ, go ahead and place larger leaves directly on a grill over high heat or on a grill pan.



From there, choose your own roasted cauliflower leaf adventure. Mix the leaves with florets or other roasted veggies as a side to your main meal. Serve under a juicy piece of meat, or fish,

Toss immediately with herbs, nuts, and dressing for a warm salad. Or keep the leaves in the oven a little longer and enjoy them like chips.

Just make sure you eat them while they’re hot (or warm).

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This sounds lovely, Jack. I have never tried them this way, but will do so next time I have cauliflower.
<br /> .<br /> <br /> it is lovely<br /> <br /> we pay for them <br /> <br /> and then we just discard them<br /> <br /> it is always lovely to hear from you<br /> <br /> .