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Pope Francis in Ireland.


The Pope will be in Ireland this weekend.


Ireland is a Catholic Country


A Conservative Catholic Country..


However this is a Catholic Country  that has undergone a social revolution since a Pope last visited this island forty years ago.


This will be just the second time a Pope has visited Ireland


In the intermittten time Ireland has endured many a scandal in the Irish Catholic Church


Where Ireland is still having to come to terms with all the Scandals that they have had.


Pope Francis has head of this organisation must answer as many a scandal is worldwide with eye this year looking at USA, Chile and Australia to even say the least.


despite the furore there will be the Vatican Flags bestowed on the streets that the Pope Francis is parading on with bundreds of thousands waving them


With religious merchandise for sale profoundly throughout


More than half a million will celebrate a mass in the Phonenix Park in Dublin to a 3,000 choir


there will significantly less than the 2.7 million that came to see Pope John Paul II in 1979 (that was half the population of Ireland then)


In 1979 more than nine in ten attended mass each week.


The Ireland of 1979 had homosexuality illegal alongwith abortion, divorce, and contraception.


popular votes have overturned those laws contravening their Catholic teachings


Mass attendance at Catholic Churches has fallen now to well below 10 per cent in many   Dublin parishes.


Leo Varadkar, is a recognised gay man whom himself, was born on 1979, has now become the taoiseach - the Irish Prime Minister


So many a thing has changed in Ireland since the last Pope reached and preached on those Ireland shores.


The days of a “systemic culture in Ireland, in which everyone does everything because that’s what the church said they have to do … are long gone,” 

 the head of the Irish Catholic church, Archbishop Eamon Martin,



But the Irish people are very proud he’s coming to Ireland 

 “The Irish people are the most generous in the world. We forgive and forget

because we’re a good-natured people.

We’ve even forgiven the English

for 800 years of tyranny.

When he arrives, everyone’s spirits will be lifted.”





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