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Published by jack elliot


 Instagram illusion of a perfect life



Those pretty and outwardly confident people  you can  see on Instagrams experience such anxiety, doubt and heartache, 




In this country long ago people used to watch public hangings (and worse) for entertainment (and take along their children).



They used to throw rotten fruit and God knows what at people in the stocks or the pillory for entertainment in their local square.



We have made huge progress since those days, and yes, the people who take part in these shows have put themselves up for it for whatever reason (fame and money I guess) but finding pleasure in watching the deliberate public humiliation, manipulation, control, misery and heartbreak of others for entertainment does us no credit as a society.


And the TV companies will push it as far as they can for high ratings and advertising revenue.




I wish I could say it has nothing to do with reality, but sadly, I think it does push the boundaries of what people accept as reality, and come to think is acceptable to do to ordinary people on social media, and in relationships.



Most of us now view deriving pleasure from watching the suffering of animals - hunting, bear baiting, badger baiting - as totally wrong.


I hope we will soon feel the same about these heartless cruel humiliating programmes, which become more extreme in order to increase the number of viewers.


It is unhealthy shadenfreude in the extreme.

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