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The Wars of the Roses was a series of dynastic civil wars in England fought by the rival houses of Lancaster and York between 1455 and 1485.

The struggle was so named because the badge of the Lancaster's was a red rose and that the York's a white rose.

The house of Lancaster was badly shaken during the Hundred Years' War 

             The Hundred Years' war is a common name given to the series of armed conflicts, broken by a number of truces and peace treaties, that were waged from 1337 to 1453 between the two great European powers at that time, England and France.

The hundred Years' war resulted in the loss of thousands of lives on both sides and also in great devastation of lands and destruction of property in France.

It had important political and social results in France: It helped to establish a sense of nationalism; ended all English claims to French territory; and made possible the emergence of centralized governing institutions and an absolute monarchy

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