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Time Bank


What is a Time Bank





Time is something I know


A Bank is where my money is.


Food Banks are all over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because of poverty.


However a Time Bank is something interesting, perhaps it is like a Credit Union.


I think I heard something about many years ago when listening to the CBC, the Canadian Radio which used it as a great example to explain an economical point of  its fluid and possible flaws.  I think it was somewhere in the USA that used babysitting with time being the time as its currency. With some Chuts its currency. I think that it started well with  it being fluid and babysitting successful but then it some people started to hoard there chits and when people start to hoard everybody then did likewise and soon it stalled and no babysitting was being done. I think that was the story of how sharing and spending helps a learning environment but when people start to hoard their knowledge when we are in the long term eductioanlaly poorer




Something to see that Timebank is in Scotland it looks like fun.


Time Banks

Time banks  it seems could be  used  in order to trade goods as well as  in services. how practical can this be.

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