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Published by jack elliot

Money for Irish Language instead of an Election

There may be an election or it may be not.

There may be money availble for teaching Irish language.

What is actually happening with the politicians

can the politicians resolve to talk to each other.



this is how the politics are arranged.


The politicans are frightened of an election

People are sick of both of the major parties

They will change their normal vote


The people have lost confidence 

inquire as to politicians behaviour

public question this political impasse

sick of arrogance and intrasigance 



There will be no budget 

The Health budget is in chaos

The health officials are in dispair 



not much agreement but  should be  in co-operation

Heath is breaking down,Schools failing

transport in chaos, last flights to Usa from Belfast

the rich are richer burning the public money




So in exchange for funding and extra money for the Irish Language the Election may be cancelled


If there is an election must people will not vote as they once did.




  The Irish language bursary scheme might be funded in order   to avoid an election.

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