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In A lovely day of Sunshine spending time in a paddow chirruping insects around Lavender aroma is biting .

Beyond the Summer's sunshine above the butterfly meadow stands the rural church spire In distance we hear the peal .

Summer time and with a grand heat wave Perfect to put the roof on the church Unusually to see a church being built from scratch Becoming to see a roof slowly emerging each day ,

Up to pictures up the stairs even more stairs Piraling stairs to piral on then time to descend on those stairs perhaps even to look on the window A gran day with culture

People who put reviews on trip advisor seem to be the last people in the world who should be listened to. They should be read for fun, especially the pompous ones that go into great detail about who they went with, what they ordered blah blah and the...

Gooseberries . lots of gooseberries What should we do with all those gooseberries? Oh yes - Wash them and rinse them and then trim them and nip their stems Then pop them into a big pot and make them into Jam Lovely Jubbly indeed

The rise of Automation will ultimately see whole sale changes to employment, with most low paid, a large amount of managerial, Director and Professional jobs simply gone. Most US and UK governmental reports point to 60% - 90% of all jobs will go over...

Summer time and the music is flowing Outside for the pleasure in sharing The joy of music with butterflies Aroma of the cut grass all around

Lavender is one of the best-loved herbs in the garden, and for good reason. Not only is it attractive and scented, this versatile plant thrives in some of the toughest of garden conditions. Lavandula angustifolia, the English lavender, is very hardy –...

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