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In Britain there is a new tourist event Where streets have all the curtains drawn back. All for all to see. Curious and curious and curiouser, in deed. Tourist came and peer through the windows. All secret lives revealed.

Lovely day all is good ........................ "When the stars begin to fade, the sun shall rise. When the night turns to day, we must find the dawn

5 February is Runeberg Day celebrating the birth of the great Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. He is best known for writing a poem that eventually was used as lyrics for the Finnish National Anthem, Our Land (Maamme in Finnish, Vårt land in the original...

In Birmingham where they first started, Black Sabbath they played their last concert Nearly half century of music. Metal music, not so much the originator, but they where the first band to put all the important musical elements together. They had a serious...

Cabbage and Broccoli Are causing a vegetable war. ............................. Their rising cost leads to tension In the supermarkets throughout Europe

The Warsaw Confederation of Warsaw was an act of tolerance. It provided for a Freedom of Religious Belief. It was one of the first act for religious tolerance in Europe. Sovereign and personal protection to Heretics In 1573, which was part of the cardinal...

This is a kylpytynnyri. (kylpy = bath, tynnyri = barrel) It is for enjoying being outdoors while bathing. The water is heated, which is why many people also bath in a kylpytynnyri also in winter:

Inappropriate ads in duolingo There should be some kind of check on the ads being displayed. Innocently doing lessons on Duolingo and being suddenly confronted by inappropriateness. You can't unsee what has been seen.

It has snowed quite a bit; everything is covered in a mantle of white. And there are some feral cats in the neighborhood that are making a lot of noise — all night long. Combine that with the wind, and night-time here has been eerie.

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