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Published by jack elliot

There is no Brexit dividend for ordinary people.


There may be for some hedge funds and speculators but for the rest of us it’s just getting used to decline and bureaucracy. For us there can be no benefit because in terms of ordinary life Brexit is an abstraction. It abstracts freedom of movement, it abstracts frictionless trade, it abstracts security cooperation, it abstracts 4% of GDP. It abstracts U.K. influence on the single market. It abstracts jobs and abstracts pay growth.

The odd thing is that everyone knows this and has done since the referendum. Yet, still brexiters continue to pretend that an act of collective self harm is worth it for no discernible benefit of any kind. Very strange


Brexit has been and always will be a con achieved through national tantrum of whipped out emotions and as such, as predicted, will not bring any dividend only self harm. In time its many downsides will become a running sore to even the most blinkered members of the Brexit cult and to those who thought that getting Brexit done will not bring any changes to their lives.

The gravitational pull of Europe and its powerful single market will always keep UK in EU orbit. Forget about the sunlit uplands of global Britain. Brexit means playing in European second division after UK relegated itself from the premier league. For now the promotion prospects look distant but in the end will become the aspirational


So there we have it with  Brexit which is a great national tragedy built on a chimera.

Instead it totally ceded any control and put the United Kingdom at the utter mercy of political and economic forces we no longer have the clout, credibility or goodwill to influence.

It is what you call a complete and utter  leap into total irrelevance.



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