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Published by jack elliot

One thing that many may be learning

of this pandemic is that the government

may not have their best interests at heart,

for it appears to be wealth before health

with at least this crowd.



If the truth is to be a priority,

then blame will have to be assigned where it is due,

regardless of the mist of blame defense that it may generate.

Clarity and honesty

may be incompatible with each other.

Of the two, it would be to prefer honesty.

Modelling of pandemics is a difficult science, and estimates of reliability are a difficult part of it.

Blame does not lie there.

Deliberate misappropriation of public funds, deliberate exploitation of the crisis to favour cronies, deliberate dissemination of falsehoods aka lying: it will be investigated and documented [so that, at some time in the very far future, when civilization is being rebuilt, measures can be taken to prevent the same thing from happening all over again.]

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