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Published by jack elliot

The incompetence of the English  government

is a function of the disregard Conservatives

have for governance.


This stems in part

from an admiration

for "winging it"

and in part

from the libertarian influences

in the Conservative party.


While we are alert

to the dangers of communism

(all state, and no market)

we are not alert

to the equally unbalanced

and morally bankrupt

creed of Libertarianism

which is about all market

and no state. 


There is a proper role

for the state in society

and we can discuss

the exact amount of it

but Libertarianns

(such as Raab, Truss and Sunak)

imagine the least state

as the best proportion.


In a sense

this is to emasculate

the democratic system

because it works

through the state

and not through the "free" market.

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