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Published by jack elliot

It's now well established that during the period of austerity the poor got poorer whilst the rich got richer.So we shouldn't be surprised by the news that the rich have been getting richer during the covid19 pandemic whilst once again the poor are struggling.For the Tories have always-and will always-use the poor as ideal scapegoats for all society's ills as well as blaming them for their predicament.And won't be remotely interested in understanding why the covid 19 virus has also hit the poorest much harder than the richest with the former suffering much higher infection and fatality rates than the latter.

It's actually very easy to criticize the Tories but what needs to happen before enough people in England -and it's England that's the problem-can be persuaded to vote in a Labour government committed to raising taxes for the richest in order to properly fund public services and increase the incomes of the poorest?. For it took the combined trauma of the Great Depression in the 1930's and WW2 to galvanize enough people to vote in the radically reforming Labour government of 1945.And i don't know how bad things need to get this time round for enough people to vote in a radically reforming Labour government committed to seriously tackle the structural poverty and inequality which blights our society.

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