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Published by jack elliot

We have many new technologies to identify the genetic sequence(s) of novel viruses, we have many new methods of developing vaccines and we could have minimised the pandemic and it's adverse effects.

What got in the way?

People and their ideas did and continue to do.

Instead of doing what is the sensible thing to do

(1 total lockdown, then a robust TTI system monitoring the spread of covid to control it, people adhering to the simple and sensible advice to wear masks and reduce meeting with other people), the opposite happened and is still happening.

Our "government", the freedom lovers, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, anti-lockdowners etc.etc.etc. don't seem to be aware that their actions are prolonging the pandemic and cause more damage (economy and people!) than science can do to prevent.

Of all, our "government" is the worst offender. No more help for the workforce to enable the people and their jobs/businesses to survive. The ghouls in charge of this country are far busier to get what they aim for: an acrimonious divorce from the EU - in the middle of the pandemic, making us the biggest laughing stock in the world.
We will remember the unnecessary deaths and hardship when it is time for the next GE!

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