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Published by jack elliot

The BBC,

if it is to ever regain the trust of the British public,

needs to rethink its whole approach to 'news'

and 'current affairs'.

And the sooner it treats all politicians

with the longest spoons possible the better.

Politics in recent decades has shredded truth in favour of opportunism and self-advancement,

and the BBC has provided platforms to those

who perform best at such joy rides.
By all means study topics that attract political debate,

but keep the politicians at bay

until independent experts have had their say.

All too often the loudmouths and obfuscators come first, only to be occasionally challenged after the fog has been laid.

This is back to front journalism and illuminates little


In Scotland it is viewed that  the BBC 

has been for a  long time  biased,

and thus unreliable, institution.

It clearly has no long-term future in Scotland.

With independence we will need a national broadcaster

that pays attention to our nation.

BioNTech will send the Covid-19 vaccine it has developed with Pfizer in temperature-controlled boxes to Britain by ferry or plane as it prepares to deliver the shots in the next few days, a senior executive said.

The comments were made by chief business and chief commercial officer Sean Marett in a briefing after Britain approved the vaccine, becoming the West’s first country to formally endorse a jab it said should reach the most vulnerable people early next week.

Marett said the vaccine can be transported after leaving storage for up to six hours at 2C to 8C during delivery to facilities including care homes, and it can also last for five days in a normal fridge.

His comments will allay some concerns that the shots need to be stored at -70C, equivalent to the Antarctic winter, which may be difficult for nursing homes and other locations where the shots will be administered first.

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