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The so-called “chumocracy” has also seen plum government appointments being handed to figures with links to senior Tories despite apparently lacking experience for the roles.

report from the National Audit Office recently concluded there was a “high-priority lane” to assess and process potential deals for buying up PPE based on connections to politicians and other officials.

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chum +‎ -ocracy


chumocracy (plural chumocracies)

  1. government characterised by the appointment to public office of friends, or those of similar social background, of those in power

Cronyism. Chumocracy. One rule for them, another for everyone else.  

Describe it however you want, but the past few months has painted a damning picture of the Tories’ slapdash approach to governing – one that is wasting taxpayers’ money and ignoring due process, all while placing favours for their friends above delivering for our local communities. 

By handing work to only a handful of private companies

and to its friends and donors,

this government is paying for jobs

that are overpromised and,

in many cases, undelivered.  

Mountains of cash were handed to companies

with no demonstrable competence

in the manufacture and supply

of what they were contracted to provide.



there have been “inadequate documentation” involving potential conflicts of interest and a lack of record-keeping within the “VIP lane”.

Firms in the VIP lane were 10 times more likely to awarded contracts than suppliers who submitted bids through the normal process.

Of 493 referrals submitted for inclusion in the high priority lane, only 250 sources were recorded, most of them coming from the private offices of ministers and a large number directly from Tory MPs.



 Every penny of government funding has to come from borrowing or taxation.

That is why ministers have a moral duty to spend wisely, respecting the rights of taxpayers.

In the end, it is the ordinary, hard-working citizens who have to pay the price of fiscal incontinence or extravagant profligacy.

But sadly, the official response to Covid-19 ignores that truth.

In the fallout from the crisis, the concept of value for money appears to have been washed away by a tidal wave of irresponsibility across Whitehall.


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