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Published by jack elliot

Starts 13 December 2020. Seven hours. Once daily. From €27.90
Six years ago, a classic Eurocity train slipped inexplicably from the schedules. The Eurocity Wawel linked Berlin with  Krakow in southern Poland. Now it’s back, giving the opportunity to travel by day from the German capital through Lusatia and Silesia to Kraków. The train takes its name from the great royal castle in the Polish city. With a convenient mid-morning departure from Berlin, the EC Wawel also gives a helpful additional daily connection between Berlin and Wrocław.

The reinstatement of the EC Wawel will be a boost for travellers from Britain looking to combine a stay in Berlin with a visit to southern Poland. Timings of the new service are much improved; the old Wawel took well over 10 hours to reach Kraków. The train carries a full-service restaurant car so you can linger over lunch as the train cruises through the Oder flatlands and the forests of western Poland.

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