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A true story at the Pearl Harbour



The  Uncle,  of John Murphy, 
Tom (Thomas Murphy) died a few years back.
He was Weapons Officer on the USS California.
They were hit by torpedoes.
He and his Sunday crew
shot up all the ammunition
they had on deck back at the Japanese.
The Ship Captain and  The Executive Officer
Were ashore for  their brunch.
 Thomas Murphy had no keys to the armory.
He told all of the crew
to jump to the log bumper
and swim under the pier.
It happened so fast,
he said,
they had no plan B.
USS California sunk straight down to the bottom
of the pier berth.
It was raised with air filled balloons afterwards
and went on to fight again.
This was told to me by John Murphy @ConcordiaDiscors

Launched in 1919,

USS California (BB-44)

was a mighty vessel,

the flagship of the US Pacific fleet

– an honor she held for 20 years from 1921 until 1941.


The California was a Tennessee-class battleship,

and like her classmate—

which was also stationed at Pearl Harbor—

she was capable of 21 knots

and was armed with 12 14-inch guns.


The USS California 

was younger than the Arizona (BB-39),

built in 1917,

but not the youngest battleship at Pearl Harbor,

which was the USS West Virginia (BB-48),

launched in 1921.

Along with these ships,

the California deployed to Hawaii

with the rest of the Pacific Fleet in 1940.

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