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Published by jack elliot


War, Famine and diseases are the normal for humanity.


This is what humanity has always faced, most of us are lucky we have lived in a period of time which has been OK. We also live in a country that hasn't had to face anything horrific for many decades. Things change and there is no reason they shouldn't, this virus may well be contained within the next few years but there will be another one along at some point and it may be here quicker than we expect.


Economic collapse is also normal. The UK only survived Thatcherism and Globalisation by selling itself to rent seekers, thieves, tax dodgers and a bunch of other opportunists. There's still a bit left to sell (the NHS) but it's not exactly a sustainable model.


If a global pandemic and recession can't force the right kind of change, what the hell can? Maybe 2030's edition of pandemic, recession and environmental catastrophe? But I suppose most of the people who are could be saving the world now will have already got planning permission on their plot of land on Mars by then


The pandemic has highlighted that the Thatcherite policies that successive governments have implemented were clearly not in the interests of the public and have left the country in a weakened state, unable to cope with crises. Failed privatised public services, the undermining of Public Health, the deregulated gig economy and other weakened working terms and conditions, a cronyist system of handing lucrative risk-free govt contracts to huge but incompetent outsourcing companies, the marketisation of universities bringing students back when they shouldn't have, privatised health services, leading to a fragmented system with not enough NHS capacity or staff, and so on, the list is almost endless.


There will be changes ,poverty will hit people who thought they were immune ,Brexit will dislocate society in a planned move by the English Conservatives that will turn us back to what we worked for to leave behind . Yes more poverty .

The Cov 19 won’t be eradicated simply by a vaccine .

There needs to be more medicines we can use during its attack on the lungs .

TB a bacterium is one coping and management model that shows how we can be successful with a disease that can alter and still impact .

The fact some countries showed a far more proactive and caring government than ours will is the saddest part of this difficult time .

Especially when other countries who share our terrestrial land mass and have gone the extra mile for their people .



In March 1943, more than a year before D-Day

and two years before the end of the war in Europe,

Churchill gave a speech known as After the War.
In that he laid out the vision for the UK when peace broke out out. It covered everything from a "Council of Europe", through a National Health Service, Pensions, National Insurance, improvements to the food supply, work for all

("There are wasters in all classes"),

better education - especially in science.

Plus other questions of urban renewal and taxation.

It was an optimistic speech,

at a time when optimism was in short supply.

It was a leader's speech.

However, at this time we have neither optimism, leaders nor vision.

While lots of things should be changed, post-Covid,



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