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DIETS is the name for the Flemish dialect (R1b higher) , the Frisian language group of people (old North Sea tribes I2a, I1, and a few R1as) and South African developed West Germanic branch language of Afrikaans and old High Afrikaans-Dutch in South Africa (1700-1930) (R1b high, R1a lower and a high % Heruli genes I1a1 Scandinavian Teutonic mixed with a Slava R1a group early on 4400 BC after the R1b-P312 mutation at Chernobyl (then only known as Pripyat region) and an R1a mutation into a new R1a specific). Some R1b-P312 and new R1as breeding programmes moving north into Scandinavia clashing with this I1a group. Later marriages between the 3 tribes to create a new super breeding programme as plan C.

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