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Published by jack elliot


Plastic waste has been infuriating me ever since I found out, many decades ago, that it's not biodegradable. The current consequences were immediately predicable, and at the moment we don't even know how bad they will be. Plastic is now everywhere, and perhaps we'll be lucky, and even nanoplastic that enter our organs won't do serious damage, or we'll be unlucky, and in a number of years people start dying or being ill in droves as plastics build up in our bodies.

And we have no mechanism

of getting nanoplastics out of the environment.

Perhaps we'll turn the corner on climate change.

At last that's technically doable.

And then we find out that it'll be plastic

that'll kill us and the planet.

It's just absolutely crazy, bonkers, maddening.

By the way, plastic packaging of food is far worse in the UK than in Holland, Germany and France, the other countries I know well. American friends who moved from the US to the UK a year ago tell me it's even worse in the UK than in the US. Going shopping in any of the big supermarkets, and being barely able to buy fruit and veg without coming home with tons of plastic is just unbearable.

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