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The hard truth is that until there is immunity, vaccine or otherwise, there will always be Covid in the community. There's people who don't seem to have understood that yet - that this is a highly transmissible virus and as long as there are people it will keep circulating. The 'new normal' is not going in and out of lockdown every time there's a spike or upward trend in cases, and that's a foolish thing to want, instead it's learning to live alongside the virus. We accept an element of risk when we get into a car, when we sleep in a block of flats, when we put trousers on in the morning, why should Covid be any different? As with any risk there are actions we can take to mitigate it, in this case wearing a mask or avoiding that big event. This is the trade off for life if we want to live it, and ultimately this is what it'll come down to as the level risk becomes increasingly understood and normalised - not draconian legislation to tell you how to be safe.

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