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Published by jack elliot

Poor people wish to be wealthier ,

they wish to have the consumer lifestyles

that the west have

and are sold on their TVs and phones..

there isn't a great mass of poor

who all wish to live like

Brazilian rainforest communities

with no impact on their environment.

The world cannot carry billions living lives

as the developed wasteful world does...

and without that waste and consumerism.

The world needs fewer of us ,

its not about fewer people of X or Y class,

race or other artificial division ,

it simply needs fewer homo sapiens

to permit space for everything else.


Preferrentially it needs fewer

high consuming western lifestyles...

but we don't do anyone any favours if we pamper ourselves and prevent others right to try to live better lest they consume.
The biggest driver of greenhouse gas emissions has been energy which is what drives improvement in lives, we can simply watch the emissions rise across the developed world as the lives of people there improve.
As we have seen this week... stopping working for 3 months has cut consumers carbon emissions in the UK by 25% ... but not everyone wants to be unemployed and in poverty 

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