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Published by jack elliot


I have got so many things to do in the house!

But I decided to break things down

into smaller

.So for example, I collected all the mugs etc and washed them.Then I took a bag and gathered up dirty things that because of poor coordination means I drop.Into the bin with those.Anything left was clean and only needed putting where it should be...

except I am short of space.

When I find someone to go to the Charity Shop

I shall be sending lots there.
After doing that I felt less bothered by the house

and relaxing.....
Then write until tired.
The only answer is to take short breaks during which I exercise by collecting cups half full of tea.. sometimes with mould, water plants, little tasks
If you are ill or in pain then it is a problem...
I have no problem focusing  writing.... but I imagine breaking tasks into smaller tasks works in most situations.

f I am not inspired I sit down and write random words until I get an idea.
One thing is my wondering

how the place got so untidy,

developing theories, 
So I gave that up.

It is Nature.

Tidiness is not natural.

Too much is deadly...

but we all need a little of it

Too much Thinking is bad for the brain,too

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