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A great song about housing after the second world war

One of my favourite songs that I love to sing

Dance to your daddy on the violin brilliant to listen to

they went to the sea

Alex Glasgow was one of the pre-eminent folk singers and song writers of North East England.


He is perhaps most famous for his rendition of the traditional North-Eastern song

"Dance To Thi Daddy",

used as the theme to the 1970s English TV drama "When The Boat Comes In".



his extensive back catalogue includes some of the most moving and emotive working class socialist anthems that the UK has produced.

Albums include Songs Of Alex Glasgow I and II,

the music to Close the Coalhouse Door,

Joe Lives,

and Now and Then.

The song lyrics contained an at times biting social commentary of working class suffering, but contain a beauty that, at their best, is unsurpassed.

He regularly performed songs on BBC TV and radio in the 1970s.

After becoming disillusioned

with what Britain had become

under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s,

he emigrated to Western Australia,

although he returned to perform a series of benefit concerts during the Miner's Strike.

A  lovely song to listen to

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