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Published by jack elliot


'The enemy of conservation is tidiness'

Oliver Rackham - History of the Countryside.

The trouble with all our tidying up of the place, our golf courses, our sterile grass lawns is how many of us there are doing it and how little room is left for other species.

Its like the old story of the environmentalist driving down a country road throwing empty beer cans from his car.

'It's not the beer cans'

he explained

' it's the road and the car'.


 we could just leave nature alone.


Rewilding is awfully complicated. You can just leave it, you'll get a bramble patch first, then small trees and eventually a wood. That doesn't create diversity. Many of the wildflowers and insects that we love grow in traditional hay meadows that are cut once or twice a year, and hedgerows. To support the whole ecosystem of wildlife we need a whole variety of habitats. What we don't need is enthusiastic amateurs tidying stuff up.


a quarter of British mammals are at risk of imminent extinction. This is, at least in part, due to loss of habitat. If footpaths are overgrown, they can't be used that much by humans, but they may provide sanctuary to many other birds and beasts. Not everything has to be neat and tidy!!

If I ruled the world I would ban strimmers-particularly private use ones. Annoying, whining, dangerous pieces of kit. Just use lawn edgers and secateurs instead.


The Scottish wildcat is more endangered than the tiger. The forestry commission and Scottish government are not helping with their desire for wind power.

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