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Published by jack elliot

The clear inescapable fact is the Conservatives own the Coronavirus omnishambles just like they own the Brexit omnishambles and also just as they own the very likely break up of the union and they also fully own the almighty negative economic consequences from all of these and that is the clear and  inescapable truth..


The Conservatives are now, in effect, the Brexit party, and represent at best a far-right, nationalist English constituency which is alien to most English people, let alone Scots. (At worst, the government is actually the tool of a few very wealthy individuals). The government is culturally alien, and its visceral hatred of the EU along with its narrow insularity are impossible for civilised people to subscribe to. It is hardly surprising if the Scots would wish to have nothing to do with it.


the so called `Conservative and Unionist Party` has already stabbed Northern Ireland's Unionists in the back, over the Irish Channel customs fiasco, leaving them in many ways inside the EU trading block.


the Good Friday Agreement dealt with identity and seems to me Brexit is England's confusion re its identity.

Does it want to be English or British. It was one of the victors in World War Two but didn't thrive. It lost its Empire. It set so much store re its identity on wars and Empires.

It has an adversarial political system and outlook.

Winners and losers. Strong and weak,

Big and smaller.

And bigger stomps on smaller.

So the union can't be equal

and England

doesn't know what it wants.

The issue here isn't Scottish nationalism. Scotland just wants to decide it's own future and get away from the mess that is England.

But England's identity doesn't have to be based on wars and Empire. It has plenty to be proud of. Shakespeare, Orwell, musicians, comedians, engineers, poets, scientists and scientific discoveries. The Welfare State.

So if England could find a proper identity and contribute to the region instead of trying to bully all the other countries and dominate the region, we would all be better off.

It can't do that within the UK or Britain, I don't think, it has too much power and some English people would be resentful if the power was shared more equally. They already are re Scotland.

The UK union is unequal and unhealthy and is in danger of becoming toxic and dangerous. It would be best for all to separate and treat each other as equals, with respect and cooperation in areas of mutual interest, 



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