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Conservationists are to try to save wildflower meadows, rare pinewood plants

and arctic alpine flora

from dying out in the Cairngorms.

Species such as twinflower,

which has tiny, pink, bell-shaped flowers,

are on the verge of extinction in the area.

Wintergreen -

one of Scotland's rarest pinewood flowers

- is also at risk.


to introduce wintergreen to two new sites and work with landowners to protect grasslands containing rare waxcap fungi.


Another project objective is to develop technology to monitor and understand the impact of climate change on fragile mountain-top habitats.



 people should re-connect with the rich wild plant heritage of this truly special part of Scotland, whether through the rekindling of wild plant folklore, celebrating current uses or taking action to help save rare plants.

The Rare Plants and Wild Connections project will harness the power of citizen science and our love for the Cairngorms to restore and protect some of the rare plants and fungi of our pinewoods, meadows and mountains

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