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Published by jack elliot

This year plenty many of  Edinburgh residents that are delighted that the Festival has been cancelled this year. I used to love the buzz of the festival but simply too many 'culture tourists' making residents lives unworkable - sky high rents, not enough buses, the whole town overcrowded - it was simply unsustainable.


So many Edinburgh residents will feel ambivalent about the Fringe. it has grown too big and placed a great stress on the city transport and street crowding to the point where one spend more time dodging other pedestrians than looking around and appreciating the architecture and the views.

Too many things are packed within a few weeks in August between the Fringe, the international festival and the Tattoo to name the biggest attractions. Add to this all the tourists coming irrespective of these events, the lack of bobbies to instil a bit of order and the city centre regularly came to a standstill, to the great inconvenience of those working there.

The lockdown has been a great time to rediscover the city with plenty of time to look at buildings and discover previously unseen areas without being concerned of being in someone way. For the first time in what felt like centuries, just now one can stand on the castle esplanade - usually closed off due to the Tattoo - and enjoy views across the city and beyond.

But it also felt  strange with most shops and other businesses being closed; a certain joy had drained out of the place. So it is nice to see tourists gradually coming back and shops reopening. Edinburgh need them as well as the foreign students who bring life and wealth and stop us getting introverted. Their numbers just need to be better managed. This is a problem afflicting many tourist hotspots.

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