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Published by jack elliot

As usual, this English  governments handling of something has consisted largely of blunder and has been fuelled by incompetence, lacking clarity and seemingly devoid of strategy.

The messaging concerning masks was extremely confusing and conveyed that people could interpret the rule as they found fit. This has been true on a number of occasions, with vague messaging becoming the mainstream in order to take responsibility off the government. It is unbelievable that the PM could hint that they would be made compulsory yet a high profile cabinet minister could contradict soon after, yet with this government it is just another day.

They have also began to lift lockdown prematurely in comparison to other countries, with many believing it is an attempt to keep up with other countries. This macabre competitiveness is rather sickening as it places lives below international standing, which has been damaged by the governments horrific response to COVID-19.

As we emerge from lockdown lite, the second wave comes ever closer. Thousands may unnecessarily lose their lives because of the  English governments incompetence, which demonstrates how dangerous their ignorance is to society.

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